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Name:"Doc" Emmett L. Brown
Location:Hill Valley, California, United States of America
Meet Dr. Emmett Brown. He's known locally as the town lunatic---suburban California of 1985 doesn't want anything to do with the weird nuclear theories of an allegedly deranged scientist who burned his house down. (He didn't, by the way, but that's the rumor). Doesn't help that he's a tall, imposing, old gentleman with wild white hair worthy of Einstein. (Coincidentally, that's his dog's name).

His world is a fairly mundane version of suburban California of the 1980s, where everyone drinks Pepsi and wears Nikes, with one glaring exception: time travel is a possibility and an occurrence, and it's all because of him. He's spent some time in the Old West, and some time in a mystical 2015 with no internet as we know it today, but with hoverboards, self-sizing clothes, and double-tied fashions. yeah, he can tell you a bit of a story if you ask.

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Disclaimer: I should hope it's obvious, but this account and any posts made by it is not the property of Universal or anyone involved with the official Back to the Future productions. It's...roleplaying. Basically the wordier nerdier version of playing superheroes on the playground.
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